A Year in Pictures

Dear Friends,

I want to share with you how incredible HDCH is.

About its innovative teaching and inviting spaces.

About the teachers that take the time to get to know their students personally and work hard to see them flourish.

About the piano in the foyer that consistently draws a smiling crowd and where students and staff can be found chatting and laughing together.

Where, from my perspective, the mood throughout HDCH is joy-filled.

But, you likely already know this – because you see and have seen the fruit of the work of HDCH.

You likely know even more about the amazing work that takes place at HDCH, since I’ve only been a member of this community for 4 and a half months.

Let’s come together and support this incredible place, making it available for all students who want to come.

We’re looking to raise $350,000 by December 31 and we’re over halfway there.

If you have not already – or if you are moved again- please support HDCH.  Please, give now. You can make a donation on-line here.

You can also send a cheque made out to “HDCH”to:

92 Glancaster Road
Hamilton, ON
L9G 3K9

Your gift – no matter the size – supports students through our Tuition Assistance Fund and creates inviting space, keeping our school innovative.

With Gratitude,

Gillian Doucet Campbell

Director of Admissions and Advancement