About Us

An Hamilton District Christian High education is like no other. Exceptional teachers investing in students makes all the difference to student engagement. We want to see our students grow: to increase in competence; to develop creativity and reflection; to produce and create culture—with a hope for a faithful future—in all of their classes and extra-curricular pursuits.

Exceptional learning is for every student. Each student has unique gifts, abilities, and learning styles. We work to differentiate learning so that each student can succeed. We provide support in academic planning and development, learning, and individualized programs where appropriate.

Our staff takes a vested interest in student learning, growth and spiritual well-being. They develop a mentor relationship beginning in Grade 9 and foster these connections through to Grade 12, often going above and beyond to get to know each student as a unique person with diverse interests, strengths, and gifts.

We understand that ultimately God transforms the lives of our students at HDCH, and it is with this in mind that we trust in our mission to be clear and to be the directive of our school. We use the 5 habits of an HDCH graduate.