Changing Gears

Harry Meester, our Director of Recruitment & Advancement, will be changing gears at the end of June: after investing 36 years of his professional life here at HDCH, both as a teacher and as a Director, Harry will be retiring.

Harry’s HDCH history goes back a long way: he attended here as a student before returning as a teacher and then moving into the position of Director. (To read some great Harry stories, check out this article from last year’s Connections magazine.) I asked Harry what he would miss about HDCH. There isn’t room here to include everything on his list! But I think it’s telling that the first word on his list was “students.” Harry has impacted HDCH’s students over the years both as a teacher and later as the staff connection for our Student Ambassador Team. Harry is passionate about developing relationships, community, and exceptional Christian learning for students.

In reflecting on his time here, Harry also noted the deep commitment to this school that so many people have; this commitment was an encouragement to him as he worked with alumni and in fundraising and recruiting. During his time as a director, we have seen our enrollment stabilize and exceed projections, and our International student program developed. Harry has also been an important part of HDCH’s financial stability: during his tenure, our long-time mortgage was paid off, a new addition was paid for and built, our tuition bursary support was grown, and our alumni increasingly were reconnected to our school. As a school, we want to thank Harry, express our gratitude, and celebrate his good work.

While Harry will be wrapping things up at HDCH this month, he’ll still be around. We look forward to his continued connection to our school. He will be consulting with other Christian schools, helping them navigate change. Between that and the other items on his “What’s next for you?” — like traveling with his wife, spending more time with his children and grandchildren, playing more music, and getting more involved at his church — he certainly won’t be lacking in things to do!

As Harry shifts gears, so does HDCH. We are excited to welcome Gillian Doucet Campbell as our new Director of Recruitment and Fundraising starting in August. Gillian has experience in advancement with not-for-profit and educational organizations, and she is passionate about working with and serving families. We look forward to introducing her to you in the next eNews.

Cheryl Webb
Director of Operations