Months of Groceries for Hamilton Neighbours!

10 Days + 2790 Lbs. + $1800 = Months of Groceries for Hamilton Neighbours!

This fall the Hamilton District Christian High WATCH group (Working at Teaching Children Hope) organized a Non Food Food Drive (NFFD) for the entire school community. With the support from Student Council, the WATCH group decided to focus on a ten day campaign.

NFFD 3After presenting the concept at the Thanksgiving Assembly the WATCH leaders encouraged every student to donate $20 during the campaign to share our love with Hamilton!!

Daily Support
With the daily support from homeroom teachers, the WATCH group gathered the donations and delivered incentives along the way to encourage students to donate to this worthy cause.

Some incentives were surprises delivered for daily donations while other incentives were planned for our top classes. Throughout the campaign treats like: fresh baking, hot chocolate, sweet treats and a free pizza lunch for the class that collected the most money were provided.

Paul and Adele at No Frills
Prior to the Neighbour 2 Neighbour grocery day, a meeting was arranged with the manager of the local No Frills on Upper Paradise to figure out the best sales and pricing to ensure that we could provide as much food as possible for N2N. The managers, Paul & Adele from No Frills were very supportive and took time to specifically order in the things that the Director of Foodbank at N2N, Mark Raymond, had requested for their food bank at this time.

NFFD-1bShopping list
With a list from Neighbour 2 Neighbour and the weekly grocery flyer, shopping lists were made for the Grade 11 French Class who collected the most money for this drive. On November 20th during first period, these students started with a chain of empty grocery carts and worked through their entire shopping list.

Each list contained vast quantities to purchase, including cases of spaghetti sauce, cases of peanut butter, so many boxes of cereal, jars of jam, cans of tuna, salmon, pasta, stewed tomatoes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, saran wrap, and diapers.

NFFD 4It was quite amazing to be in the store with our students that morning as so many customers stopped us in the store to ask what our students were doing as they emptied shelves. They were very impressed with our students and amazed at the quantity of food being purchased (especially when we started to line up multiple full grocery carts near the cashier).

For the next while our students were given access to one cash register as they rang through thousands of dollars of groceries!

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Loading the bus
NFFD 6Mrs. Vos’ Grade 11 French class then loaded all the groceries that they bought on the bus, and we were all squished between $4,500 worth of groceries that only cost $3,000. Returning to HDCH, the bus picked up Mr. Webb’s Grade 12 Advanced Functions Math and we drove to deliver the goods to Neighbour 2 Neighbour.

Weighing In
This homeroom class came in second for the most donations and worked as a team to unload the food into the receiving area at N2N. At this point, I was helping with the weighing in station which resulted in a grand total 2,790 lbs. of groceries and supplies! This was another heart-warming experience to weigh in this massive volume of food and supplies for our Hamilton neighbours!

Presenting a Cheque
Once everything was unloaded we presented N2N with a cheque for $1,800 which will be used to purchase milk for Hamilton families in need over the next 4 months. Perishable food is difficult to store but is often in high demand for our local families.


Special Thanks
A special thanks to our entire student body and community as so many siblings, parents and extended family members donated to this worthwhile cause. It was the generosity of so many that made the 2015 NFFD a success!

PVanVeldePauline VanderVelde
WATCH Staff Coordinator

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