Maintaining relevancy for future generations

About six years ago, a Visionary Committee was established with a Mandate towards identifying the future necessities for HDCH with respect to programs, facilities, marketing, and learning styles. Ideas born by this study are already in place, and we as a Board continue to spend a large portion of our time in ‘planning for success’ under God’s blessing and direction.

One of the recognitions in our discussions is that the facilities must support all learning experiences and activities. Sounds pretty straight forward, but do we really know what a community strives for in a learning facility, today or in the future? Does it look the same as it has for the last sixty years, or has a lot changed?

There was a time in HDCH’s history that Visionaries had to put their trust in God and place their support towards an idea for Christian Education that had not yet been proven successful. I am told that one of the reasons my grandparents moved their seed business from Sarnia to the Hamilton area some sixty-five years ago was to be closer to the promise of a new Christian high school in Hamilton. As a result of their move, my mom was privileged to be in the first graduating class at HDCH in the late 1950s.

The group is standing on the steps of Immanuel CRC where the school was first established. Twenty-five to thirty-five years later, my own group of siblings started to graduate from the old Athens Street facility. Fast-forward again to present day, and I am seeing my own kids — who have attended the Glancaster Road campus — being blessed by the place that HDCH is to so many of us.

No matter which decade we’re referring to, or which building housed the school when we attended, there were parents and leaders who had the vision to make HDCH relevant in their children’s lives. Although our youth may not recognize it while they’re in high school, Christian Education is the very foundation that they build their lives on. It really is what sets us apart from ‘ordinary’ education.

Like the Visionaries who created HDCH sixty years ago, we still need vision today. The Board has a passion for a school that encourages a love for education, and a love for Christian community. We have a vision for a school that truly impacts the City of Hamilton and the world around us.

We send our kids here because we want to be faithful. For my family, this means that we want our children to be grounded in Christian learning and perspective with a vision toward making a difference in the world. And we believe we have a responsibility towards exceptional education and learning; it is why we have such a great staff and administration at HDCH.

Do you believe in an HDCH that will educate future generations for years to come? Let us continue to plant the seeds that this community has been so blessed by so that HDCH maintains its relevancy in the decades that follow.

Rob Vanderkruk ‘84, and Current Board Member & Parent