The HD Experience

I have gone to a Christian school almost my entire life, and I have definitely taken it for granted. When you are in a setting like HDCH it is easy to forget that everyone else does not have the same luxury as I do. I am continually reminded about the amazing opportunities I get and the awesome support system that I have. I am surrounded on a daily basis with people who love Christ and want to serve Him.

Without my education from HDCH I would not be as confident or as sure about my goals for the future. Being able to connect a Christian perspective to everything that I learn has been an enriching experience. All of the teachers genuinely care about my life outside of school and help me balance my academics with everything else that needs to be done. They have helped to build my confidence and nurture my talents and skills—I am no longer the same person that walked through the doors in grade 9.

This year I decided that I wanted to help take a group of students to Uganda, Africa. With staff support I have been able to put together a team of twelve students and two chaperones. Being able to share my passion for serving others has been so much fun, and I have learned a great deal from organizing fundraisers for our trip. Each fundraiser has provided a unique way for our team to serve God and serve others.

To live a life of service to God means to reach out of my comfort zone and support other people with whatever situation they are in. Being in a school where everyone is so giving of their time and efforts has opened my eyes to the mission that God has called us to. When I go to Uganda in March I hope to use my gifts to support the people there and show them that they are loved.



Esther Wonder
Grade 12 Student