The Movement: Spectrum

SpectrumThe central focus of the Movement this year was an artistic series exploring the diversity of life. We wanted to not only capture stories from the perspectives of our own lives, but go out and gather stories from the world that surrounds us. We wanted to see lives from new perspectives to have a peek of what they thought, capture what they saw and paint what they felt. This desire within us to try and capture such a range or a variety of ideas, people, and passions is where the name Spectrum came from. Spectrum, meaning a wide variety or an array between two contradicting ideas. Here is where our categories came into play.

By: Abby Pot and Alex Vanderlaan
We began by discussing what it means to be an insider or an outsider. We realized that the lines may not be as clearly defined as we previously thought, and began crafting our own definition of what these two terms meant. We came to the conclusion that everyone can find themselves in the position of both the insider and the outsider. After that we decided to take a visit to the Micah House, where we met with two refugees and learned more about their story of being an outsider. This allowed us to again have a deeper understanding of an outsider, and we were able to create more wholesome pieces for this magazine. We want to challenge the reader to look beyond the label of the insider and outsider, thus breaking down walls and seeing beyond the stigma. We want our readers to gain a better understanding of the entire spectrum of life.

Writing Sample Sneak Peek…

When it Comes
By: Emily Koopman

Before Tuesday,
          During the week.
At the start of
          The last, but the first.
                    Was soon to come
For merely next to
          The someday,
But still now.
                    When it comes.
But after immediately.
                    Long ago,
Finally, once again.
          Since yesterday’s conclusion.
Today is Sunday,
 And so it arises-

Beginnings and Endings
By: Cassie Heidbuurt and Lesley DeBoer
When we think of anything arranged on a spectrum there is always a beginning and an ending, a start and a finish, a birth and a death. These are things we thought a range of life would cover as everything we encounter has to begin and end at some point. In this volume of Spectrum you will come across pieces on the beginning and ending of relationships, the trial and error of new experiences, the joy of life, the sorrow of death, and everything in between. It is our hope for you as readers that you may be opened up to these new perspectives. Enjoy!

Writing Sample Sneak Peek…

The Gift of Life
Celebrations and failures
Happiness and sorrow
Wrinkles show the end is near
I have lived in a world of fear
The finish line is in sight
The gates are narrow but open
Leading to the shining light

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