The Place for Me

So@ OwlKids it turns out I don’t have a future in knock-knock jokes.

This was one of the many valuable things I discovered during my co-op placement at OwlKids magazine in Toronto during the week of February 8-12. My days started with riding the GO train for an hour, then making my way out of Union Station (I only got lost once!) and walking through construction to the OwlKids building. I got a whole new appreciation for the every-day commuter.

The OwlKids office is full of colour and enthusiasm, it is clear that the people who work there love it; this was especially evident when they answered my many questions. I especially loved the table covered in glitter where the crafts are developed and created. During my placement I was tasked with picking contest winners, researching content for the magazine, helping with their new website, writing blog posts, and yes, learning that my knock-knock jokes should be left outside the door.

I had a great week at this magazine, and learned so much about all the work that goes behind the glossy, vibrant pages. It definitely reassured me that a job in publishing is the place for me. I don’t think that I will ever pass one of those magazines again without remembering the writers typing furiously, the art, the passionate people, and the batter I smelled baking on Pancake Day.

@ The SpecMy experience at OwlKids is just an example of what the Venture/Co-op program at HDCH can be. It gave me an authentic situation in which I saw what the publishing world is like. I have also had the opportunity to do short term co-op placements at Redeemer University’s Communications Office and The Hamilton Spectator, where I learned other aspects of publication.

I would highly recommend doing a co-op, either long-term or short-term. My experiences have helped me to grow as a writer and taught me lessons that I never would have learned in a classroom.

And who knows, a placement might help you to discover that you do have a future in the knock-knock joke business.



Lesley DeBoer
Grade 11 Student