Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

HarryM_PhotoHarry Meester will officially walk out the doors of HDCH on June 30th, 2016, for the last time. It is expected that he will hand in his key, stomp his feet and give out one last ‘I’m going home.’ And as we all stand to say goodbye to a man who has given his life to HDCH, I am certain that as he heads out, he will enjoy telling one final joke, followed by that big laugh we have all come to know. And really, if you know Harry, you know he isn’t one for fanfare like a big retirement party. He’d rather celebrate God’s faithfulness to HDCH than think about or celebrate himself in this faithfulness story. However, I want to take my time and key a thank you to Harry Meester.

I met Harry Meester when I was doing a student teaching placement at HDCH in the early 2000’s. We were sipping a coffee, he introduced himself and we started chatting. It quickly got to a ‘where are you hoping to work’ conversation, and I shared that HDCH was top on my list. Without blinking an eye, and with deep sincerity, Harry responded with, “Everyone wants to work at HDCH.” When I heard that, I was startled by the response; it almost sounded arrogant, and for me as a new-to-the-business teacher, somewhat daunting. But after working with Harry for nearly 15 years I’ve come to realize that the comment isn’t arrogant at all. In fact, it was a statement about himself. What Harry was telling me was that he loved working at HDCH and, for himself, he couldn’t think of a better employer. He was saying to me, ‘Really, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to work here?” He felt honoured to be employed here and he worked at it with all his heart.

Over the years, I have found Harry to be quick with a story and a laugh, and at the same time he is always the consummate professional. His first move is to be agreeable and then typically follows that with a question or two. His understanding of the Hamilton District area is astounding, just ask him about a landform or a sub-division, he can tell you you a lot about it. Harry sees the story of Creation and Redemption and knows his place in it. He has shared this story with the many students who have come through Mr. Meester’s doors.

And now, as Harry wraps up a career serving the Hamilton District Christian community, he does so with a smile and a deepened faith. Harry carries a lot of the HDCH story, many chapters of which he was near or at the center. As the Principal of HDCH, I have come to rely on Harry to keep me connected to the history of our community. He is that person on staff who knows about everyone who has supported this school over the years. And as he leaves the office at the end of this month, to spend more time with family, friends and other endeavors in education, he is taking a tremendous amount of the HDCH story with him.

God works through people to bring forth His kingdom, and Harry Meester has been one of God’s servants in this cause.

God Bless you, Harry, and thank you!

Nathan Siebenga