What about HDCH are you grateful for?

Devotions from the Fall Membership Meeting [November 7, 2016]

So last week, Mr. Siebenga and I were emailing back and forth talking about devotions for this Membership Meeting. The email started out, “Membership meeting is Monday night, in 3 nights.” At this point, I was starting to feel nervous about doing these devotions. My palms were getting a bit sweaty, but I told myself, “If I made it through Chemistry, I can make it through this!”

The email went on, “Topic: what about HDCH are you grateful for?” Now, this isn’t something I can just write up quickly, this requires some hardcore reflection. Siebenga was pushing my limits on this one. So as I started to reflect, I did a rewind to last week when I was at Providence Christian school in Dundas trying to convince some kids why HDCH is the place to be. Mrs. Doucet Campbell asked us what the five habits of a graduate were. I listed off a few, but then I realized that if I’m graduating in  seven months, I should probably be able to list them all. I went to the HDCH website and started reading through them: Competence, Creativity, Resilience, Compassion, and Reflection.

Reflection. Mr. Siebenga was asking me to reflect, and I saw where this was going. I started to reflect on each word individually and began to think about how HD has made these habits of a graduate words so real for me.

Resilience. I took Chemistry last year, and Mr. Hordyk showed some serious resilience and patience with me on that one. Let’s just say I won’t be a chemist…

Compassion. Last week was a rough one for me, until I talked to Mrs. Whetstone. She was the light that I needed to see in that moment and she showed me a resounding amount of compassion.

Creativity. Mrs. Hielema doesn’t get enough credit for her creativity. I have never seen a pierogi on a pizza, or someone bake a cookie into a bowl shape to fill with ice cream and top with chocolate. Honestly, that is a thing of sheer beauty!

Competence. Mr. VanKampen. From completing a Masters Degree, to driving for three hours in a rental van with eight teenage girls blasting Miley Cyrus throwbacks, and — despite those conditions — leading us to wins and losses but still getting on his knees in front of the bench, telling us to push ourselves, to keep shooting, and to work together.

So, what am I grateful for, here at HD? That’s easy: the people, the relationships. That I can walk into the office and be greeted with a friendly and slightly sarcastic comment. That I can miss every shot I take in a game, but still be told that I’m a shooter. That I can have the worst morning in the history of bad mornings and be greeted with a smile and a “good morning” by a grade 9 that I’ve talked to once.

When people ask me, “So, what’s so great about HD anyways,” I draw this picture for them. You’re at the start of a 5K race, you run 2K on your own and then, as you slow down, you realize you shouldn’t have had that cookie bowl from the caf; a teacher runs up beside you and tells you, “You’re a runner, keep going” Then two friends come alongside you and give you water and say, “Here, stay hydrated, the end is near, keep pushing!” Your pace picks up. Someone runs by and greets you with a sarcastic comment to remind you that this race is fun and to not take everything so seriously. Finally, you reach the last 100 meters and can’t hear yourself think because of all the people chanting your name and cheering you on to sprint the last bit to finish the race.

High school is a quick sprint in the race of life, but without some godly habits and a bit of encouragement, it’s hard to complete it with a smile. God is so good and every day I walk into this building I’m reminded of that by this community.

Let’s pray. God, I thank you for this place, for the people, and for the love. You truly are moving in this place and I pray that you would make that evident to everyone who walks into this building. Bless the meeting that’s about to happen, guide the words and the thoughts of everyone who are part of it. God, we give you all the glory.


Chelsea Borg
Grade 12 Student